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Stan Marsh's grandfather Marvin presents him a bejeweled bolo tie, indicating the Jewels & Gems (J&G) Purchasing Network, from which he acquired it, claimed that its fourteen carat gold and diamonds causes it to be value $6,000. Following Cartman teases him for wearing this kind of tacky and unfashionable merchandise, Stan usually takes it to your Cash For Gold keep in which he is offered $fifteen for it.

The boys are seen sitting within the sidewalk, baffled. Stan, dumbfounded concerning how a person could probably be cheated into having to pay a considerable sum for a really low-cost item. The scene then "switches" akin to switching TV channels to the J&G Browsing Community. Dean, an staff, is found selling overpriced gold earrings to an previous lady above the telephone. The scene then switches back for the boys, who had been observing the channel.

Nicholson also observed the similarity of Stan's cell phone simply call to J&G, where he angrily urges the host to eliminate himself, on the "Advertising and Advertising" little bit from comic Monthly bill Hicks' 1997 album Arizona Bay.[four]

When Rob Cockerham, a blogger, specific drastic improvements in Cash4Gold's valuation of jewelry after a grievance is created about an First undervaluing,[twenty] a search engine optimisation marketing consultant presented "a number of thousand pounds" for Rob to get rid of the criticism.[21] Cash4Gold CEO Jeff Aronson said they had absolutely nothing to accomplish Along with the incident, however the consultant stated "Anyone (at Cash4Gold) was well conscious of what was going on.

Here is a listing of our store areas taking part in Cash For Gold. Locate the location nearest you during the chart down below and cash inside your gold nowadays!

We update our price ranges each day in accordance With all the London Gold Deal with, which can be established from the London Bullion Market place at all-around ten.45am. This makes certain that are consumers are buying and selling at the most recent gold spot price tag and are for that reason receiving the most updated price for their gold and article silver things.

Cartman launches a gemstones community demonstrate and produces an extremely valuable small business. Stan searches for the actual value of a bit of jewelry which was a gift from his Grandpa. In the meantime, Cartmans... See total summary��

Kyle mentions that just what the channel is doing is horrible, and Stan, Once more dumbfounded, asks how they get away with scamming elderly folks. Cartman reveals a seemingly intricate, but in reality, simple mathematical method the purchasing community employs to earn a living. Stan's grandfather is read within the cellular phone with Dean, aiming to buy a Topaz-studded copper ring as a present for Stan, resulting in Stan to promptly go away and take a look at his grandfather.

The boys are witnessed in the bus stop. Stan is donning his bolo tie. Cartman sarcastically complements Stan. Just after Stan sees by means of his sarcasm, Cartman simply begins insulting the tie, contacting it "fucking gay as fuck".

The episode centers on Stan's discomfort with J&G Buying Community and television residence shopping networks usually, as he discovers that they prey on the aged and fleece them of their income,[one][2] and Cartman's new entrepreneurship impressed by that same plan.[3]

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